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Amazing Nail Protection Pen from Japan

Using Japanese gadgets can really brighten up the day. This time, we introduce a pen shape magic nail file.

[好物分享] 來自日本的指甲魔術筆挫


COVID-19 新型肺炎防疫措施 – 2020年7月

為配合政府最新的防疫措施,Rainbow Nails 由2020年7月15日至2020年7月21日需暫時關閉,稍後將會逐一聯絡受影響的客人,請耐心等候。在暫停營業期間我將定時進行店內徹底消毒,務求為大家提供一個舒適潔淨的環境。

Special Notice for COVID-19 Arrangement in July 2020

According to Government Announcement, all Nail Salons in Hong Kong must be Closed for 7 days started from July 15, 2020 to July 21, 2020 due to Coronavirus Outbreak.

[DIY Gel Nail at Home] Stylemate Color Gel Mixing Pen Kit

People are generally staying home more to avoid catching virus in these days. Many ladies are getting into DIY gel nails. However, the gel bottles are quite big in size and they could get expensive if you want to have a lot of colors. I have recently found a solution for this on the Internet.

[安坐家中美甲] Stylemate自由調色美甲套裝

疫情當前,大家都留在家中減少外出,小編有留意好多女生們都會嘗試在家修甲,但gel甲顏色花多眼亂,心思思想擁有晒自己中意嘅顏色,但一支gel甲油價錢都唔便宜,而且大大支自己用系根本用唔晒。日前小編就系網上發現到 Stylemate 嘅自由調色美甲套裝,依個套裝厲害之處就係佢只需5支嘅調色膠,就可以混出超過80種顏色!

Enjoy Special Offer for Soak-off Gel Mani + Express Pedi at $630 (Jul/Aug 2020)

For $630, customers can enjoy both Soak-off gel manicure and Express Pedicure in our special July/August offer! It is time to put your feet in a pair of pretty sandals and even better is a set of gorgeous nails.

[每月優惠] $630 Soak-off Gel 修手及快速修腳服務 (2020年7/8月)

又到了遊船河和沙灘的暑假,今個月來 Rainbow Nails 可以用優惠價 $630 享用 Soak-off Gel 可卸式凝膠修手及快速修腳服務! 又是時候弄靚靚手指及腳趾,穿起泳衣及涼鞋迎夏日了。

[孕婦小朋友都啱用] Ella + Mila BonBon系列指甲油

品牌Ella + Mila一向出產女性用品,有化妝品、指甲用品、身體護膚,而最近新出名為「BONBON」系列,新顏色選用baby及粉色系,加上它的Signature樽身象象圖案,真的是太可愛了!

Suspicious about Yellow? How to use this hitters colour on your Nail Polish?

Yellow is said to be the hitters nail color of this year. Unfortunately, it is not exactly a favorite of many girls, even the boyfriends do not appreciate yellow nails either. Therefore as a starter, I would recommend to try mustard…