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Autumn’s most popular nail trends! Japanese Nail Artist shares 2023 autumn nail art

Feeling uninspired when it comes to nail designs lately? Take a look at the insights shared by Kayo, the Education Director of OPI Japan, and discover the latest trends in Japan!

Bubble Nail: Vibrant Bubble Nail Art
This style is currently very popular in Japan! Start off the early autumn season with light and bright bubble nail art, reminiscent of the lingering summer heat. Choose a base color in soft, pastel shades with a translucent or slightly shimmering finish. Then, use jelly gel, builder gel, or bubble gel to create the bubble texture. Finally, apply the bubbles onto your nails for a quick and refreshing bubble nail art that catches the eye.

Drop Art: Water Ripple Nail Art
This technique allows for quick and creative nail art. Choose the main color tones based on the season. When it’s still slightly warm, opt for sheer aquatic tones or candy-inspired shades to kickstart your fall nail journey. As the temperature gradually cools, go for more grayscale Morandi or earthy shades to create water ripple nail art, instantly transforming your fingertips from the scorching days of summer to an elegant and chilly autumn atmosphere.

Autumn Floral Nail Art
During the transition between seasons, warm color tones are perfect, especially elegant and gentle Morandi floral patterns. It is recommended to choose a matte finish in Morandi shades, creating a contrasting effect with floral patterns on the fingertips. You can also use builder gel to create a three-dimensional flowing pattern on the nails and enhance the delicacy with mirror powder, achieving a fluid metallic effect that instantly elevates the sophistication of your fingertips.

No matter which nail art you choose, it’s all about adding highlights and personality to your autumn look. Let your nails become a way to showcase your style! 💅✨


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