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OPI Starlight Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

OPI STARLIGHT collection, a set of 18 different bottles are now available with GELCOLOR Soak-off Gel. An elegant series and its own temptation.

CND Shellac Holiday Collection Soak-off Gel – AURORA

To celebrate the festive season, CND Shellac offers the new Holiday Collection – AURORA. It’s a SOAK OFF GEL set with 4 pastel + sparkling colours.

[神秘而不失優雅] OPI Starlight 系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel


OPI All Stars 10-Pack Nail Lacquer 2015

What’s OPI All Stars 10-Pack? OPI picks the top 10 favourite colours annually. Let’s play with colour combinations for different occasions.

[Strengthening in Pink] OPI Nail Envy added Pink Formula

With OPI Nail Envy, your nails can be harder, longer, and stronger – beautifully! The new pink shades add a tint of color to nails while strengthening them.

[神秘 • Cyber] OPI Starlight Collection 指甲油

OPI 秋冬系列 VENICE Collection 推出不夠一個月,大家還未有時間把顏色試真,OPI又再接再厲推出了另一套秋冬系列 HOLIDAY COLLECTION-Starlight!

[一次過滿足10個願望] OPI All Stars 迷你指甲油套裝 2015

又來到了10枝 PACK MINI POLISH的時候了,每次OPI都會選擇年度10枝最愛顏色,今次再多加了2015必選顏色…粉綠&藍色,令整套顏色可以更多配搭搽出不同感覺。

OPI x Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer

The new OPI Nail Polish collection of the famous character Hello Kitty is coming up for this fall winter 2015.

OPI Holiday Collection – Starlight Nail Lacquer

The new OPI Holiday Collection – Starlight is comprised of 18 different bottles in shimmers, glitters, metallic and more.

[不同角度有不同閃爍] CND Shellac Soak-off Gel 假日系列 – Aurora

假期將接近,各大品牌相繼推出假期閃粉系列甲油;CND SHELLAC 推出一套四枝 SOAK OFF GEL 名為 HOLIDAY COLLECTION─ AURORA,屬粉色+閃粉系列,在假期裡不妨一試。