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[Japanese Beer Nail Art] Must-Try Beer Gel Nails for Beer Enthusiast Girls – Exquisitely Recreating Every Detail!

It’s believed that many people enjoy having a cou […]

[How to Avoid It?] One Factor causes a 36-year-old British Woman’s Nail Loss after Manicure

A 36-year-old British woman experienced a serious issue after a manicure that resulted in the complete loss of her nails recently. How to avoid it?

Elegant Halloween Nail Recommendations

Halloween is coming, and if you want to create gel nails that combine the holiday atmosphere with a fashionable style, we have some recommendations for simple yet elegant designs. Let’s see how we can create a Halloween ambiance while showcasing elegance and style, making you unique and charming during the festivities.

Autumn’s most popular nail trends! Japanese Nail Artist shares 2023 autumn nail art

Feeling uninspired when it comes to nail designs lately? Take a look at the insights shared by Kayo, the Education Director of OPI Japan, and discover the latest trends in Japan!

What kind of nail art designs does an AI Nail Artist create?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic worldwide. By inputting prompts into ChatGPT and Midjourney to generate surprising virtual content and photos, how does AI’s creativity breaks the limits of human creation?

FRESH CRÈME – Minimalist Nail Art, Subtle, Luxurious, Elegant!

Just like seasonal fashion trends, nail art styles also vary in popularity. Have you caught up with the trend of “Fresh Cream Nails” in gel nails?

Nail Gel for $5.50 each from Japan Online Shop

Daiso nail gel has gone viral among the $12 watcher groups. Shoppers are searching every corners throughout the entire Hong Kong. Actually, life can be easier. Just visit the Japan Daiso online shop and you will find the entire line of nail gels.

[Starry Sky Nail Art] Stars Twinkle and Shine Through the Dark Night

Following last year’s popular trend of space-themed nail art, this year a new gel nail art inspired by natural phenomena has become popular: the Starry Sky…

C.Ronaldo’s pedicure! “Shiny nail polish” on his toes exposed

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo recently posted several photos on IG of him playing in a pool with his family in Saudi Arabia, seems painted in dark-colored nail polish. Did he paint his nails?

[Summer Gel Nail] 2023 Nail Art Trend: Simple and Minimalistic

Summer is here! What gel nail styles are popular for 2023? Recently, minimalistic nail art styles have been trending, with simple and easy-to-match designs that more girls can handle…