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Top Choice for 2023 Spring/Summer Gel Nails – Ice Drop Nail Art

Weather starts to get hot and humid again, still doing the same solid color nail designs? Don’t forget about new trend in Gel Nails: “Ice Drop Nail Art”!

[Nail Demo] Styles for Short Nails

Nail art can work well for short nails just as what it does to long ones, as long as you stick with a few rules.

What are the benefits of Men’s Manicure?

Nail care has never been limited to women. Men can also trim their nails, apply transparent or light-colored nail polish as well as enjoy many benefits!

What to do with Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toe nails usually happen to people who run too much, wear high-heels for too long, or who stand too much. Here are what you can do.

Pointed Toe Insoles

Pointed high-heels give a great executive image to working mothers but god knows how much it hurts, especially since the pointy top squeezes the toes up so tightly. How can we relieve it?

[Nail Styles for Men] Follow the Stars (III)

From the darkest to the brightest, there are a whole lo […]

[Nail Styles for Men] Follow the Stars (II)

When you have enough of the low-key black and you are ready to step up, you might be interested in the following gel nail ideas for men.

[Nail Styles for Men] Follow the Stars (I)

The world of nail art is flooded with STYLES for women, but let’s not leave the men out. We found some COOL designs from the stars.

[$5.5一枝Gel] Daiso日本官網入手大熱甲油膠!

最近「12蚊店關注組」內掀起了 Daiso甲油膠搶購潮,大量網民走勻港九新界撲貨,但其實想試 Daiso Gel未必需要頻撲,只需到日本Daiso官網一看,款式齊全,每支甲油膠更只需 100 yen (約港幣$5.5),而且不需日本信用卡都可以買到!

6 Tips to make your Nail Polish Last Longer

Most people apply their nail polish by pulling the brush from the base to tip in one stroke. This way may be quick but it will not last long.  What is the secret of professional manicurists that makes the polish so long-lasting?