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[唔怕乾燥] 美國 Cuccio 長效保濕系列

一踏入秋冬已經開始感覺到乾燥,皮膚水份慢慢流失,這個時候應該用些長效保濕的產品 ─ 美國品牌 Cuccio。

[聖誕新色] OPI 2017 Holiday Collection Love OPI XOXO 系列指甲油

一年一度的聖誕節及新年即將來臨了,你們預備好怎樣慶祝了嗎? OPI 推出的 2017 Holiday Collection 「love opi. Xoxo」陪你一齊過聖誕,除了人見人愛的紅色外,其他顏色都十分有節日氣氛,都加入有閃閃原素,充滿歡樂。

Keep Your Nails Healthy with OPI Pro Health Base and Top Coat

Now you can have healthier nails even when you wear your favorite soak off gel shades for a long time. Introducing OPI Pro Health Gelcolor top and base coats. The Pro Health system can protect while moisturizing, minimizing damages to the real nails. 

[秋色宜人] OPI Iceland 冰島系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

上次介紹了 OPI 2017 Iceland 的秋冬季系列指甲油,一套12枝,身為 OPI 的粉絲,除了留意甲油外,Gelcolor Soak-off Gel 一定也不會錯過! 今次重點推介 -Less is Norse,就是 OPI Iceland Collection 冰島系列 Poster上 Model 使用的顏色。

The Stunning Autumn Shades of OPI Iceland 2017 Fall/Winter Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Last time we showed you the OPI Iceland 2017 F/W Collection of twelfth polish shades.  I am sure all you OPI fans out there will not want to miss the Gelcolor collection also.  Here let us focus on what the model on the OPI ICELAND COLLECTION POSTER is wearing. It is: -LESSIS NORSE.

[唔怕乾燥] 美國 Cuccio 長效保濕系列 

又到轉涼的季節了! 一踏入秋天已經開始感覺到乾燥,皮膚水份慢慢流失,這個時候應該用些長效保濕的產品 ─ 美國品牌 Cuccio。

The Stunning Autumn Shades of OPI Iceland 2017 Fall/Winter Collection Nail Lacquer

Autumn is slowly returning to us and it is time for some new seasonal colors.  OPI Iceland 2017 FW Collection is full of stunning new earth tone and earthy light shades. Especially for the light ones, a mat top finish will make your nails look like cute little pom-poms.

[秋色宜人] OPI Iceland 2017 秋冬冰島系列指甲油

不經不覺又到秋季了,OPI 2017秋冬新顏色 Iceland Collection 冰島系列 又來臨了,近年以 Earth Tone 為大熱,OPI 當然也緊貼潮推出一系列Earth Tone 的顏色,既突顯個性之餘又十分容易襯衫。

Heidi’s Nail Solution Nail Strengthener and Cuticle Repair Cream in all new travel size

The all new Heidi’s Nails Solution nail strengthener and cuticle repair cream 8ml travel size has exactly the same ingredients as the classic size. You can rejuvenate dry, dull, weak, uneven and split nails anywhere you like.

Heidi’s Nail Solution 指甲修護霜推出旅行裝

Heidi’s 的皇牌產品 Nail Solution 指甲修護霜最近推出旅行裝,最適合帶去一齊去旅行,在機上及外地用都很方便。