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Fashion Trends & Learn Nail Art: CND YouTube Channel

It’s the best way to learn nail art and fashion trends at the same time!

潮流新方向! CND Youtube Channel

做指甲對女孩子是件普通的事情,但節日想加點花款,但又沒靈感?不妨去看看 CND 的 YOUTUBE CHANNEL “cndvideo”。

[又一新手恩物!] Gelato Factory 美甲貼

有時候,為了手甲靚靚又趕不到去美甲店,就在藥妝店買那些一塊塊假甲片用超能膠貼上,其實感覺又假又傷甲。今次介紹的 Gelato Factory 美甲貼就幫到妳了!

Turn your Old Eyeshadows into New Nail Polishes

What can you do with unused make up? We have got a money saving idea for you. You can create your own unique DIY nail polish with eyeshadows. The process is very simple. You will only need clear polish, eyeshadow, tooth pick and aluminum foil. Here is how.

倒瀉指甲油怎麼辦? 用砂糖可以清理!


Clean Up Spilled Polish by Sugar

There is a popular video on YouTube showing and easy solution for spilled nail polish.  Guess what?  The answer is: “Sugar”.

[多用也不怕] 自製天然洗甲水


Digital Nail Printing Machine from Japan

This new nail printing machine from TSUME.CO can print five nails all at once. The preset designs are hand-painted by professional nail artists using their skills of great precision!

[Nail Care at Home] Dr Wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa

Life can be so caught up sometimes that it is not possible to moisturize the hands every time after you wash them, let alone making a trip to the nail salon. Now you can have nail care at home using nail paraffin wax.

日本新一代指甲彩繪打印機 一次過列印五隻手指

指甲彩繪打印機已經愈來愈成熟,日本 TSUME.CO 再度推出一部新的指甲彩繪打印機,比過去舊式只能一次列印一隻手指,現在可以一次列印五隻手指。