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[Fresh and Pure Power Up] High’s Matcha and Black Tea Manicure Spa

Rainbow Nails brings you the limited-time special High’s Tea Manicure Spa series. We especially recommend the Matcha and Black Tea Spa treatments!

[清新純淨Power Up] High’s 抹茶黑茶美甲 Spa

Rainbow Nails 今次為各位帶來這個限時特備的 High’s Tea Manicure Spa 系列,每款配方都散發出清新、深沉和純淨的茶香,使疲憊的身心恢復活力,我們特別為大家推介其中的抹茶和黑茶 Spa!

[Gift for you] Celebrating 19th Anniversary of Rainbow Nails!

Our beloved Rainbow Nails is turning 19 years old! From 2nd October to 30th November 2023, when you indulge in our manicure and pedicure services together, you will receive a delightful little gift as a token of appreciation.

C.Ronaldo’s pedicure! “Shiny nail polish” on his toes exposed

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo recently posted several photos on IG of him playing in a pool with his family in Saudi Arabia, seems painted in dark-colored nail polish. Did he paint his nails?

[Promotion] Enjoy Special Offer for Mani + Pedi (March/April 2023)

Soon it will be Summer! Repeated washing with alcohol-base hand gel may lead to dry, hard and flaky skin. This will make your hands harder to be thoroughly cleaned. Come to Rainbow Nails!

[Hong Kong Brand] Ommicare x Hello Kitty Portable Nail Trimmer

There are lots of portable nail drill on the market. We found this one made by a Hong Kong local brand named – Ommicare. They also have baby and pedicure sets..

[Promotion] Mani + Pedi & Gel Polish Early Summer Offer (Jun-Jul 2022)

For $920, customers can enjoy a normal manicure and soak-off gel pedicure in our special June-July 2022

[Nail Salon Reopen] Beautiful View to Feast Your Eyes

Nail Salon service has been resumed! What nail art should be made to celebrate a bit? Let’s try some shapes!

The Good Things about Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are strong and long-lasting. They also help with the problems of faulty nails. They can be made into any length or thickness according to client’s request.

[Nail Polish at Home] Cute Little Palate

DIY nails is a hobby and an art-making. I have come across some very cute pallets on the Internet lately. Don’t those flower shape and paw ones just melt your heart?