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[Nail Salon Reopen] Beautiful View to Feast Your Eyes

Nail Salon service has been resumed! What nail art should be made to celebrate a bit? Let’s try some shapes!

[美甲店重開] 美好的風景就在你眼前!

美甲店重新投入服務了! 畫一個怎樣的甲來慶祝一下好? 就試試幾何圖形!

[Lock-down D.I.Y.] Eternal Basic Gel Set from Japan

Gel your own nail with this super handy mani kit from ‘Eternal Basic’ of Japan. It includes a mini LED lamp that is the size of a small electric torch!

[開運美甲系列] 2022年人和色:奶油米白色


The Good Things about Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are strong and long-lasting. They also help with the problems of faulty nails. They can be made into any length or thickness according to client’s request.

Yummy Yummy Sushi Nail-art

We all know people are not supposed to dine out during the pendemic. But if you suddenly got a sushi crave, the gurus have worked out some beautiful 3-D sashimi nail arts. Look!

[開運美甲系列] 2022年保健康顏色:酒紅色


[開運美甲系列] 2022年幸運色:黃色


[抗疫美甲D.I.Y] 日本 Eternal Basic Gel甲套裝

想D.I.Y整Gel甲,最好莫過於方便同快捷。日本品牌Eternal Basic推出的美甲套裝,當中所用的LED 燈,體積細小如小電筒,照上約30秒便可令啫喱甲高速硬化,更可將面油及底油二合一,令你快速完成Gel甲!加上以便携式作賣點,在家方便收藏,就算帶去外遊都好慳位!

在家 DIY GEL甲如何做?

最近美甲店只能不定期營業,不如大家一起來學做自己的美甲師在家美甲吧!在家 DIY GEL甲應從何開始呢?