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[Shimmer . Mystery] OPI 2023 Autumn Big Zodiac Energy Collection

In Autumn 2023, OPI has created the captivating Big Zodiac Energy Collection of nail polish colors based on the traits of each zodiac element, which allows you to shimmer and shine brilliantly.

[閃耀.神秘] OPI 2023 秋季 Big Zodiac Energy collection 星座系列

我們熟知的十二星座,可依照火象、風象、土象、水象分成四種象限或四大元素(the four zodiac elements),各個象限皆有其特色,每個星座也有獨特的特質與魅力,OPI 今季就根據各個星座象限的特質,推出了這個迷人的 Big Zodiac Energy Collection 星座指甲油色彩,讓您閃耀出眾。

FRESH CRÈME – Minimalist Nail Art, Subtle, Luxurious, Elegant!

Just like seasonal fashion trends, nail art styles also vary in popularity. Have you caught up with the trend of “Fresh Cream Nails” in gel nails?

Nail Gel for $5.50 each from Japan Online Shop

Daiso nail gel has gone viral among the $12 watcher groups. Shoppers are searching every corners throughout the entire Hong Kong. Actually, life can be easier. Just visit the Japan Daiso online shop and you will find the entire line of nail gels.

[Ice Cube Nail Art] Reflecting Sunlight in Ocean

With popularity of the Little Mermaid movie, there are new variations for Ice cube nail art “Wave” series from Korea Brand Mayour featuring semi transparent style!

[星空美甲] 星閃閃,閃過漆黑天

繼上年大熱的宇宙星球 Nail Art 甲藝後,今年有一款關於自然現象的 Gel 甲甲款又流行起來…

NAIL n THINGS – Elegant and Fashionable Hong Kong-made Nail Stickers

Some nail stickers is a bit avant-garde and exaggerated, while OLs prefer elegant and fashionable designs. Two college classmates saw this gap in the market and start Nail n Things…

[夏日Gel甲推介] 2023年流行簡約美甲 Simple is the Best!

夏天來了! 2023年的夏日有什麼Gel甲款式可以試一下呢? 最近美甲款式都流行簡約風格,簡單易襯的款式讓更多女生都能駕馭得到~ 近年簡約美甲款式中,設計師都喜歡加入一些若隱若現的元素,如暈染、貓眼石等,為指甲增加層次感。小編今次就為大家介紹幾款~

[透心涼] 2023春夏Gel甲首選 – 冰滴美甲

春天過後天氣又開始悶熱,女生們也準備換上清涼新裝。妳還在做厚重、單調的實色美甲造型嗎?今年春夏別忘了這個 Gel 甲新潮流:「冰透色系」!

[Nail Demo] Styles for Short Nails

Nail art can work well for short nails just as what it does to long ones, as long as you stick with a few rules.