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“VERY GOOD NAIL” Soak-off Gel from Korea

I am sure those who are ahead of the trend are familiar off the Korean brand-Very Good Nail. The Color schemes are very captivating. Today we are going to focus on the “Luna” Collection.

[Get Gel Anywhere] LED Gel Nail Flash Light

It looks like a flashlight. When you open the cap, there is a transparent gel tip with blue light. What is this, really?

[隨身Gel甲] Gel甲用LED照燈小電筒


[和風系 Nail Art] 想念日本? 畫個櫻花甲一解思鄉愁

兩年沒有到過日本旅行,好想快點有機會「返家鄉」吧? 不如今天就整一個和風指甲!

[Go Green] 綠色指甲油都可以飛甩老土


Green Nails are not always creepy

Green nail polish may not be a choice in anyone’s repertoire. However, the right kind of green shades may give your nails a snazzy twist.

May-June 2021 – Mani, Pedi & Nail Polish Early Summer Sale

As the weather warms up in this romantic months, it is time for some fresh new nails. Come to Rainbow Nails during May and June and enjoy a deep discount.

[美甲優惠] 初夏美甲服務優惠 (2021年5/6月)


Madam Glam Gel Polish Remover

Soak off gel removal at home can be quite a pain. For 10 minutes you cannot do anything except for staying still. The revolution came when Madam Glam Gel Polish Remover appeared.

[缷甲唔駛包錫紙] Madam Glam 爆裂卸甲gel

相信唔少女生都有在家自己拆soak off gel的經驗,小編每次拆都幾麻煩架,首先磨甲面又要準備綿花錫紙包住指甲,多達十分鐘不能動,又不能同時浸雙手,真系超級費時。有見及始…小編最近留意到Madam Glam推出左新產品 “爆烈卸甲gel”,使用方法係超級簡單!