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[指甲護理] 4個 DIY 保養 Gel甲小秘訣

找美甲師做了靚靚Gel甲,怎樣可以保持得更持久? 我們就介紹 4 個 DIY 保養 Gel 甲的小技巧!

[Lock-down D.I.Y.] Eternal Basic Gel Set from Japan

Gel your own nail with this super handy mani kit from ‘Eternal Basic’ of Japan. It includes a mini LED lamp that is the size of a small electric torch!

Yummy Yummy Sushi Nail-art

We all know people are not supposed to dine out during the pendemic. But if you suddenly got a sushi crave, the gurus have worked out some beautiful 3-D sashimi nail arts. Look!

[開運美甲系列] 2022年保健康顏色:酒紅色


[在家美甲] 可愛的調色盤

現在應該比較多人在家做指甲了,當你想做Nail art的時候,會不會手忙腳亂弄到周圍都是顏色,你是需要一個調色盤去幫助你!

[Nail Art Classroom] Advanced Glitter Application

Amongst tons of nail pictures on the web, glitter on single shade has been quite a popular DIY nail choice. However, do you find it hard to make the duplication as nice as the demos?

[Clever Invention] No-Fuss Nail Art Helper

For those who love to do 3-D nail art, putting on glitter or miniature items can be quite a pain for even the most experienced nail technicians. Check out this clever invention!

[唔怕一地都係] 3D Nail Art 小神器

對於喜歡 3D nail art 嘅朋友,無論是美甲師或DIY的你,每次使用閃粉或甲藝小玩意時,都會小心翼翼,就連呼吸也會停一停,盡量不要把小玩意弄到整枱、地下都有。 今次這個發明太聰明…

[Makes in Shiny] Revlon DIY Electric Nail Buffer

Many people has developed a habit of doing their nails at home these days. We have a great product to tell you about: the Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer.

[DIY Gel Nail at Home] Stylemate Color Gel Mixing Pen Kit

People are generally staying home more to avoid catching virus in these days. Many ladies are getting into DIY gel nails. However, the gel bottles are quite big in size and they could get expensive if you want to have a lot of colors. I have recently found a solution for this on the Internet.