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Rainbow Nails 創辦人榮穫英國 CIBTAC 全球最優秀學員獎項

Rainbow Nails 創辦人 Helen Leung 再次精益求精,考獲 British ITEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Education and Training 專業資格,並榮穫 CIBTAC Awards 2019 全球最優秀學員獎項 “CIBTAC Student of the Year Finalist 2019″。

Nail Polish can reflect the Global Economy?

Market opinion researchers recently found out that sales of nail polish has become the new economics thermometer for recessive growth of economy.


商界一向相信「唇膏指數」(lipstick index)能有效反映經濟增長速度,不過最近有巿場研究公司認為,唇膏指數的「經濟寒暑表」作用可能已經失靈,並由「指甲油指數」取而代之。

Manicure Machine vs Nail Files

There are quite a lot of different electronic nail clippers on the market. Do they really work as well as a professional manicurist?

Sensations by Rainbow Nails

We have opened a second salon, Sensations by Rainbow Nails. This expansion is to better serve our growing client base. Both salons will remain open.

[Nail Art] What is Trending?


In the recent New York Fashion Week, the major designers incorporated neon leopard Nails to match with the models’ bold and gorgeous outfits.

Rainbow Nails 榮獲 【Sisters BeautyPro 優秀專業美容院 2018】 嘉許

Rainbow Nails 一向以專業態度服務顧客,今年再一次獲各位肯定,榮獲 Sisters BeautyPro 姊妹美容嘉許 “優秀專業美容院  2018” 奬項,多謝各位的支持和鼓勵。

Why Would Anyone Be Fond of Acrylic Nails?

Soft Gel Nails are so popular and easy to handle. Why would anyone still go for acrylic nails?

為甚麼仍然有人鍾情水晶甲 Acrylic Nail ?

Soak Off Gel 現在款式又多使用上又方便,而水晶甲 Acrylic Nail 有這麼多缺點,為甚麼仍然有人鍾情水晶甲 Acrylic Nail 呢?

Artificial Nail and Acrylic Nail for Men – A Solution for Nail and Cuticle Biters

Gentlemen may have problems of the hard cuticle at the sides of their nails, caused by long time habit of bitting or pulling of the cuticle. Acrylic nails or Artificial nails can help with the problem.