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[Japanese Beer Nail Art] Must-Try Beer Gel Nails for Beer Enthusiast Girls – Exquisitely Recreating Every Detail!

It’s believed that many people enjoy having a cou […]

Autumn’s most popular nail trends! Japanese Nail Artist shares 2023 autumn nail art

Feeling uninspired when it comes to nail designs lately? Take a look at the insights shared by Kayo, the Education Director of OPI Japan, and discover the latest trends in Japan!

[Shimmer . Mystery] OPI 2023 Autumn Big Zodiac Energy Collection

In Autumn 2023, OPI has created the captivating Big Zodiac Energy Collection of nail polish colors based on the traits of each zodiac element, which allows you to shimmer and shine brilliantly.

[閃耀.神秘] OPI 2023 秋季 Big Zodiac Energy collection 星座系列

我們熟知的十二星座,可依照火象、風象、土象、水象分成四種象限或四大元素(the four zodiac elements),各個象限皆有其特色,每個星座也有獨特的特質與魅力,OPI 今季就根據各個星座象限的特質,推出了這個迷人的 Big Zodiac Energy Collection 星座指甲油色彩,讓您閃耀出眾。

OPI FALL WONDERS 2022 Fall/Winter Collection

OPI has launched the 2022 Fall Wonders collection in InfiniteShade, Nail Polish, and GelColor sets. The shades were inspired by nature wonders from around the world. 12 serenity shads includes…

OPI Fall Wonders 2022 秋冬系列指甲油

很久沒有為大家介紹 OPI 的新產品,最近 OPI 推出了 2022 秋冬系列 Fall Wonders Collection ,InfiniteShade、Nail Polish、GelColor 三個系列均有推出,顏色取材靈感世界各地自然奇觀,12 種顏色包含了令人感覺平靜色系。

4 Tips to Keeping Gel Nails last longer at Home

You have got the most gorgeous GEL nails from the salon. What can you do to make it last longer? Here are four pointers for you,

[指甲護理] 4個 DIY 保養 Gel甲小秘訣

找美甲師做了靚靚Gel甲,怎樣可以保持得更持久? 我們就介紹 4 個 DIY 保養 Gel 甲的小技巧!

[Promotion] Mani + Pedi & Gel Polish Early Summer Offer (Jun-Jul 2022)

For $920, customers can enjoy a normal manicure and soak-off gel pedicure in our special June-July 2022

Nail Art for increase Luck in Getting More Income

People use gold and silver to increase their luck in getting more incomes. It can be just as stylish.