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Christmas Nail Art Recommendations (Part 1)

It’s Christmas time again! We have gathered different Christmas-themed nail designs for everyone to create a festive atmosphere with their nails!

[Fresh and Pure Power Up] High’s Matcha and Black Tea Manicure Spa

Rainbow Nails brings you the limited-time special High’s Tea Manicure Spa series. We especially recommend the Matcha and Black Tea Spa treatments!

[清新純淨Power Up] High’s 抹茶黑茶美甲 Spa

Rainbow Nails 今次為各位帶來這個限時特備的 High’s Tea Manicure Spa 系列,每款配方都散發出清新、深沉和純淨的茶香,使疲憊的身心恢復活力,我們特別為大家推介其中的抹茶和黑茶 Spa!

[Manicure Sticker Tutorial] How to Properly Apply FOLARIS Gel Nail Strips?

Manicure stickers are easy to use and can be applied to your nails effortlessly. But have you been doing all the steps correctly?

[Japanese Beer Nail Art] Must-Try Beer Gel Nails for Beer Enthusiast Girls – Exquisitely Recreating Every Detail!

It’s believed that many people enjoy having a cou […]

[日本啤酒美甲] 酒鬼女孩必做啤酒Gel甲 超細緻還原所有細節!

相信不少人都喜歡飲兩杯啤酒,而日本一位美甲師更加把對啤酒的熱愛畫到指甲上。Marina 是一位美甲師,同時又一向喜愛小酌幾杯,一日忽發奇想就想到把啤酒商標畫到指尖上…

Elegant Halloween Nail Recommendations

Halloween is coming, and if you want to create gel nails that combine the holiday atmosphere with a fashionable style, we have some recommendations for simple yet elegant designs. Let’s see how we can create a Halloween ambiance while showcasing elegance and style, making you unique and charming during the festivities.


萬聖節快到了,想做一個結合節日氛圍和時尚風格的 Gel甲?我們今次就以簡潔、精緻的元素為主,推介幾款簡約而優雅的款式,看看怎樣營造出萬聖節的氛圍,同時展現出優雅與時尚,讓你在節日中獨特而迷人。

Autumn’s most popular nail trends! Japanese Nail Artist shares 2023 autumn nail art

Feeling uninspired when it comes to nail designs lately? Take a look at the insights shared by Kayo, the Education Director of OPI Japan, and discover the latest trends in Japan!

[Gift for you] Celebrating 19th Anniversary of Rainbow Nails!

Our beloved Rainbow Nails is turning 19 years old! From 2nd October to 30th November 2023, when you indulge in our manicure and pedicure services together, you will receive a delightful little gift as a token of appreciation.