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Fungal Nails love Humid Weather

The spring-summer season of Hong kong is notoriously hot and humid. Nail Fungus may easily find its way to you. It should be taken care of in a serious manner.



OPI Mexico City 2020 S/S LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

This LED Gelcolor soak-off gel collection reminds me of the Disney hit movie – Coco. I saw so much of Mexican cultures and traditions through the twelve vibrant shades.

[兒童家中美甲DIY] Go Glam 指甲彩繪機

最近小朋友日日宅在家,爸爸媽媽有無諗倒新玩意比佢地呢?小編今次介紹嘅指甲彩繪機 Go Glam Nail Stamper ,絕對會係貪靚小朋友嘅愛物呀。

OPI Mexico City 2020 春夏系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

這次 OPI 的春夏系列 Soak-off Gel 名為”墨西哥城系列”,對於這個地方小編最有印象是早幾年Disney以墨西哥為藍本拍攝的”Coco”電影,而一看到這十二枝顏色,就令我立即聯想到戲裡的風土民情及文化…

OPI Mexico City 2020 S/S Collection Nail Lacquer

Inspired by the eclectic and flaming Mexico City, OPI created twelve ‘hot and spicy’ nail shades for this Spring/Summer season.

Nail’s Day off: Amazing Nail Protection Pen from Japan

If you have done soak-off gel many times, the nails might become dry and brittle. You want to give them a break, but they are already too thin and bumpy. Check out the “Nail’s Day Off” (美爪の休日) nail protection pen from Japan.

日本神奇膠原蛋白護甲筆 – 美爪の休日

平時做完Soak off gel甲拆完套手指甲又乾又脆,想休息下,但指甲又較又薄,表面又唔平滑,雙手看起來慘不忍睹…… 今次就可以試下日本呢支保護指甲既甲油筆了!

[Something for the Little Ones] The BONBON Collection Nail Lacquer from Ella + Mila

Ella + Mila has cosmetics, nail products and body cares. Their recent new BonBon Collection nail polish brought us a set of adorable pastel shades. The cute bottles are all designed with their signature BonBon elephant graphic.

辣辣的 OPI Mexico City 墨西哥城 2020 春夏系列指甲油