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[Fresh and Pure Power Up] High’s Matcha and Black Tea Manicure Spa

Rainbow Nails brings you the limited-time special High’s Tea Manicure Spa series. We especially recommend the Matcha and Black Tea Spa treatments!

[清新純淨Power Up] High’s 抹茶黑茶美甲 Spa

Rainbow Nails 今次為各位帶來這個限時特備的 High’s Tea Manicure Spa 系列,每款配方都散發出清新、深沉和純淨的茶香,使疲憊的身心恢復活力,我們特別為大家推介其中的抹茶和黑茶 Spa!

[Shimmer . Mystery] OPI 2023 Autumn Big Zodiac Energy Collection

In Autumn 2023, OPI has created the captivating Big Zodiac Energy Collection of nail polish colors based on the traits of each zodiac element, which allows you to shimmer and shine brilliantly.

[閃耀.神秘] OPI 2023 秋季 Big Zodiac Energy collection 星座系列

我們熟知的十二星座,可依照火象、風象、土象、水象分成四種象限或四大元素(the four zodiac elements),各個象限皆有其特色,每個星座也有獨特的特質與魅力,OPI 今季就根據各個星座象限的特質,推出了這個迷人的 Big Zodiac Energy Collection 星座指甲油色彩,讓您閃耀出眾。

Nail Gel for $5.50 each from Japan Online Shop

Daiso nail gel has gone viral among the $12 watcher groups. Shoppers are searching every corners throughout the entire Hong Kong. Actually, life can be easier. Just visit the Japan Daiso online shop and you will find the entire line of nail gels.

[Ice Cube Nail Art] Reflecting Sunlight in Ocean

With popularity of the Little Mermaid movie, there are new variations for Ice cube nail art “Wave” series from Korea Brand Mayour featuring semi transparent style!

NAIL n THINGS – Elegant and Fashionable Hong Kong-made Nail Stickers

Some nail stickers is a bit avant-garde and exaggerated, while OLs prefer elegant and fashionable designs. Two college classmates saw this gap in the market and start Nail n Things…

Nail n Things – 優雅時尚的港產美甲貼

市面上的美甲貼有時略為前衛誇張,上班族 OL 則喜歡優雅時尚的設計。港產品牌 Nail n Things 推出的 Gel 甲貼又會不會令你感受到這份優雅時尚?

[Great Items from Daiso] On-the-Go Fragrant Nail Oil

Got Pealing cuticles and hand nails? Now, your gorgeous nails no longer have to be stuck with ugly cuticles. This fragrant nail oil carried by Japan’s beloved 100yen store, Daiso, can help.

[Daiso 好物推介] 隨身攜帶 Fragrance Nail Oil 指甲油

不少女士的手都相當乾燥,尤其指甲下面的位置,甚至容易乾到甩皮或生倒刺。Daiso 最近就針對這個情況推出了這款用來滋潤指甲下方皮膚的香味指甲油…