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[Dip and Shake] OPI Powder Perfection

OPI Powder Perfection Dip Powder gives a smooth and even finish to the nails. It looks like acrylic but does not require UV curing.


今年夏季最流行的時尚,除了粉色和花花這些標準答案外,一定必數尖頭鞋!各大品牌今季均推出尖頭鞋設計,橫行各大天橋。但在時尚的背後,不少人都認為平日穿尖頭鞋會導致大拇趾 (腳趾公) 外翻。

[Summer is yet to go] OPI Neon Collection Nail Lacquer 2019

Summer is still here and it is time to hit the beach. OPI’s Neon Collection 2019 nail lacquer has six hot shades to match with summer outfits.

Gelato Nail Sticker: Another Great Help for Nail Art Novice

Sometimes, it is too hard to squeeze up any time for A trip to the salon. The nail sticker from Gelato Factory of Korea can help you.

Let the Nails Go Wacky with LEGO!

The cool always half away to get even cooler. Some foreigners would wear Lego gel nail in order to to be different. It is about time the nail art lovers of Hong Kong try this funky idea too.

Special Glitter Toppers from OPI The Nutcracker Holiday Collection

We have introduced OPI Holiday 2018 The Nutcracker Nail Lacquer and LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel Collections which include twelve gorgeous shades. On top of that, there are also three special glitter toppers with a unique characteristic.

[金光閃閃] OPI The Nutcracker 2018 Holiday 系列 指甲油+ Gelcolor 閃粉特別版

早陣子一連兩個 Post 分別介紹 The NutCracker – 2018 Holiday C […]

Eaxy Fix – Fix Crystal Easily

Having Crystals on your nail art is always nice. Unfortunately, the Crystals can fall off in just a few days time. Easy Fit from Korea has just the right solution.

[灰甲剋星] 糖尿病患者都適合使用的灰甲水 – 德國 Callusan Unguisan Nail Tincture

春天又到了,香港天氣大部分處於又焗又潮濕,加上長時間穿上密頭鞋,會更容易患上灰甲,我相信不少人都曾有這煩惱。之前我們真心推介過的 OPI Fungus Fix 已停產,在經一番搜尋下終於找到一隻類似的產品 ── 就是來自德國品牌足博士 (Callusan) 中的凝膠再生膏 (Unguisan Nail Tincture)。

Fungal Nail Treatment even Diabetics can use – Unguisan by Callusan

Hot, humid and un-sanitized – these are the best conditions for Breeding toenail fungus in closed shoes. We once recommended OPI FUNGUS FIX before it went out of the production line. Now we found something just as good!