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OPI FALL WONDERS 2022 Fall/Winter Collection

OPI has launched the 2022 Fall Wonders collection in InfiniteShade, Nail Polish, and GelColor sets. The shades were inspired by nature wonders from around the world. 12 serenity shads includes…

[Hong Kong Brand] Ommicare x Hello Kitty Portable Nail Trimmer

There are lots of portable nail drill on the market. We found this one made by a Hong Kong local brand named – Ommicare. They also have baby and pedicure sets..

OPI Fall Wonders 2022 秋冬系列指甲油

很久沒有為大家介紹 OPI 的新產品,最近 OPI 推出了 2022 秋冬系列 Fall Wonders Collection ,InfiniteShade、Nail Polish、GelColor 三個系列均有推出,顏色取材靈感世界各地自然奇觀,12 種顏色包含了令人感覺平靜色系。

[Lock-down D.I.Y.] Eternal Basic Gel Set from Japan

Gel your own nail with this super handy mani kit from ‘Eternal Basic’ of Japan. It includes a mini LED lamp that is the size of a small electric torch!

美國 Heidi’s 的 CRÈME Deluxe 手足潤膚乳終於返貨了,仲有聖誕套裝!

“Lasts though 3 hand washing” 洗完手都可以保持皮膚滋潤架~

[Trace of Fungal Nail] Callusan-Unguisan Nail Tincture from Germany

Charcoal gray is a great color on fashion, but you don’t want that on your nails by fungus nail, do you? The Callusan-Unguisan Nail Tincture from Germany can effectively treat fungus and provide protection against them.

[腳甲變灰甲唔駛怕] 德國足博士 Callusan 凝膠再生膏 Unguisan Nail Tincture

如果你真係不幸患上灰甲,唔好以為食藥就好快好,其實口服抗真菌藥物都有唔少副作用,之前我們真心推介過的 OPI Fungus Fix 已停產,在經一番搜尋下終於找到一隻類似的產品 ── 就是來自德國品牌足博士 (Callusan) 中的凝膠再生膏 (Unguisan Nail Tincture)。

“VERY GOOD NAIL” Soak-off Gel from Korea

I am sure those who are ahead of the trend are familiar off the Korean brand-Very Good Nail. The Color schemes are very captivating. Today we are going to focus on the “Luna” Collection.

[Gel甲界新竉] 韓國 Very Good Nail

有留意美甲的人,對於”Very Good Nail”的韓國品牌不陌生吧!我想原因除了外型夠晒少女味之外,所推出的顏色更迷倒一眾女士,有近貼潮流的超強貓眼系列,又有半透的果凍系列,今日想推介是”Luna”系列。

Madam Glam Gel Polish Remover

Soak off gel removal at home can be quite a pain. For 10 minutes you cannot do anything except for staying still. The revolution came when Madam Glam Gel Polish Remover appeared.