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Men’s Nail Art | 2024 Popular Men’s Gel Nail Styles (Part 2)

We introduced 5 men’s nail art styles inspired by celebrities before. Today, we have another 5 recommendations for you, both Gel Nail and Nail Polish.

Men’s Nail Art | 2024 Popular Men’s Gel Nail Styles (Part 1)

Men’s nail art is becoming increasingly popular, and many male celebrities have already developed a habit of getting manicures. They use nail designs to complement different looks and add a touch of style. Whether it’s gel nails or regular nail polish, let’s start by introducing 5 of them and see which one suits you best.

[Nail Art] World-famous Paintings on Nails

Nail artist can paint on even the smallest nail surfaces! She combined world-famous paintings with nail art, creating exquisite artworks on the tiny canvas of nails, leaving people in awe.

[Treatment for Nail Biting] 5 Steps to Achieve Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Are you tired of the unsightly habit of nail biting? Rainbow Nails can help you overcome the troubles of nail biting, bid farewell to bitten and damaged nails, and embrace a healthier and more confident version of yourself, both for men and ladies!

Rainbow Nails 初六啟巿 (Reopen on Feb 15)

Rainbow Nails 將於2月9日至2月14日農曆新年期間休巿,並將於2月15日年初六啟巿。
Rainbow Nails will close for the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations from 9th Feb to 14th Feb. We will reopen on 15th Feb.

Nail Art for a Prosperous 2024 Year of the Dragon, for Gentlemen and Ladies

Embrace new energy of Year of Dragon and bring a fresh look to your fingertips before the Lunar New Year. These dragon-themed nail designs will surely become highlight of your Lunar New Year gatherings.

2024 Nail Art Trends (Part 3)

Have you seen Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Nail Art Trend for 2024? Today, we bring you the final part of this gel nail trend series!

2024 Nail Art Trends (Part 2)

Last time we shared a few nail art ideas predicted to be popular in 2024 by nail art experts Michelle Saunders and Analysse Hernandez. This time, we will introduce a few more.

2024 Nail Art Trends (Part 1)

Nail art experts Michelle Saunders and Analysse Hernandez shared their predictions for popular nail art ideas in 2024. They expect a trend that combines classic designs with fashion and vibrant energy. Let’s introduce a few of them.

Christmas Nail Art Recommendations (Part 2)

Last time, we introduced some holiday nail designs that everyone loved. This time, let’s explore more Christmas gel nail art styles!