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Let the Nails Go Wacky with LEGO!

The cool always half away to get even cooler. Some foreigners would wear Lego gel nail in order to to be different. It is about time the nail art lovers of Hong Kong try this funky idea too.

What to do with Ingrowing Nail?

Ingrown nail is also known as onychocryptosis. It is a condition which nails grow in to the skin and result in pain and inflammation. There are five common causes to ingrown nails.

Manicure Machine vs Nail Files

There are quite a lot of different electronic nail clippers on the market. Do they really work as well as a professional manicurist?

Your Kitty need manicure too?

You go for a manicure regularly, but how about your cat?

CND RESCUE RXX – Rescue your damaged nails

CND RescueRxx now has travel size!  You can pamper your nails anywhere you go!

Pretty Toenails

Summertime is sandal-time. Kick out the boring plain nail color on your toenails and give it a new look by using stamps or stickers. Here is a cute design created with a stamped.

Baby Nail Trimmer

Infants usually have soft and fast-growing nails. it can be quite a challenge for mommies when it comes to cutting their babies’ nails. Any way to help?

[Tips] A quick fix to Smudged Nail

Devastation is not at understatement when the wet nail polish got smeared during application. No worries. There is a quick way to restore.

Nail Trend at a Glance – Evolving off nail style throughout the recent decades

The trendy ladies have been changing lots in this hundred year. The look of their nails in shapes and in shades. Here let us discuss about the evolving off nail style throughout the recent decades.

How to apply nail-care after Gel nails, Artificial Nails and Nail Polish?

A British beauty blogger was left with raw and bleeding […]