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Health Secret behind the Nails – Spots, Lines and Shines

Nails often give a telltale sign that reveal the internal health of the person. Anyone can read the health message through the shapes, sizes and colors of their nails.

Nail Polish can reflect the Global Economy?

Market opinion researchers recently found out that sales of nail polish has become the new economics thermometer for recessive growth of economy.

Foods that strengthen Nails

You have probably already know what kinds of food are good for the skin. How about your nails?

[Nail Art for New Year] Shades of Red

New Year marks the time for changing season. We are going to talk about three different warm nail ideas.

What is American Manicure?

Yes, American Manicure is originated from America. What makes it different?

[Grand Opening Promotion] Rm 1004, 10th Floor, Haleson Building, Central

Our very first branch has finally opened. Also conveniently located in Central, our new salon is neighboring to the Center. During our promotional period, customers can enjoy a one-time 15% discount on any of the nail services. Come and check out our new place!

[Twinkling Starlight] OPI Metamorphosis Collection Nail Lacquer

Metamorphosis 2018 Nail Lacquer is another set of beautiful nail shades from OPI after the Autumn collections. The set includes six limited edition mysticshades.

[OPI x DISNEY] OPI 2018 假日系列 – The Nutcracker 胡桃夾子指甲油


[秋日的甲藝] 可愛毛衣色


[秋日的甲藝] 優雅高貴的紅葉色

一說起「秋」,一定會想到紅葉,是一種偏啡的紅色,OPI 的 WASHINGTON DC系列就最適合不過了, 系列中的橙啡、啡紅…能夠顯白膚色又帶點優雅高貴,仙氣十足!