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Men’s Nail Art | 2024 Popular Men’s Gel Nail Styles (Part 2)

We introduced 5 men’s nail art styles inspired by celebrities before. Today, we have another 5 recommendations for you, both Gel Nail and Nail Polish.

男士美甲 |2024人氣男生美甲 Gel 甲款式推介 (二)


Men’s Nail Art | 2024 Popular Men’s Gel Nail Styles (Part 1)

Men’s nail art is becoming increasingly popular, and many male celebrities have already developed a habit of getting manicures. They use nail designs to complement different looks and add a touch of style. Whether it’s gel nails or regular nail polish, let’s start by introducing 5 of them and see which one suits you best.

[Nail Art] World-famous Paintings on Nails

Nail artist can paint on even the smallest nail surfaces! She combined world-famous paintings with nail art, creating exquisite artworks on the tiny canvas of nails, leaving people in awe.

世界名畫搬上指甲 美甲師「再小甲面都能畫」


[治療咬指甲] 5步迎接健康美麗的指甲

厭倦了咬甲這個不雅的習慣嗎?Rainbow Nails 幫助您擺脫咬甲的困擾,告別咬傷和損壞的指甲,無論男士和女士都可以迎接更健康、更自信的自己!

Nail Art for a Prosperous 2024 Year of the Dragon, for Gentlemen and Ladies

Embrace new energy of Year of Dragon and bring a fresh look to your fingertips before the Lunar New Year. These dragon-themed nail designs will surely become highlight of your Lunar New Year gatherings.

2024 Nail Art Trends (Part 3)

Have you seen Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Nail Art Trend for 2024? Today, we bring you the final part of this gel nail trend series!

2024年 Nail Art 美甲趨勢 (三)

2024年 Nail Art 美甲趨勢 第1集 和 第2集 大家看過沒有?今天為大家帶來這個 Gel甲潮流系列的最後一篇!

2024 Nail Art Trends (Part 2)

Last time we shared a few nail art ideas predicted to be popular in 2024 by nail art experts Michelle Saunders and Analysse Hernandez. This time, we will introduce a few more.