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7 Embarrassing Moments of Nail Art Addicts

For those who love nail art, I am sure you can relate yourself to one of the following seven annoying habits. Let us see how many you can identify with.

[Japanese Nail Art] Ease your Heart of Longing

At this time you still don’t know when you can fly to Japan. Do some Japanese nail art to comfort your earning now?

[和風系 Nail Art] 想念日本? 畫個櫻花甲一解思鄉愁

兩年沒有到過日本旅行,好想快點有機會「返家鄉」吧? 不如今天就整一個和風指甲!

[Go Green] 綠色指甲油都可以飛甩老土


May-June 2021 – Mani, Pedi & Nail Polish Early Summer Sale

As the weather warms up in this romantic months, it is time for some fresh new nails. Come to Rainbow Nails during May and June and enjoy a deep discount.

[Nail Art] Get Good Luck in the Year of Ox

The zodiac animals are very much adored by nail art lovers. In this year of 2021, Moo moo cow is the star.

[缷甲大忌] 這個缷下 Gel 甲的大忌,你有沒有試過?

LED Soak Off Gel甲不用特別打理又可以維持至少兩星期的時間,深受不少女生歡迎,但卸下Gel甲時有一個大忌…

[牛年行大運] 牛牛 Nail Art


[指甲變黃] 檸檬汁幫指甲去黃?真唔真?


Fighting the Pandemic with your Nail

In these days, you should not leave home without a mask if you want to protect yourself from COVID-19. But the masks are not just for your face. Some nail artist got the idea to put them on the nails.