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[Clever Invention] No-Fuss Nail Art Helper

For those who love to do 3-D nail art, putting on glitter or miniature items can be quite a pain for even the most experienced nail technicians. Check out this clever invention!

[唔怕一地都係] 3D Nail Art 小神器

對於喜歡 3D nail art 嘅朋友,無論是美甲師或DIY的你,每次使用閃粉或甲藝小玩意時,都會小心翼翼,就連呼吸也會停一停,盡量不要把小玩意弄到整枱、地下都有。 今次這個發明太聰明…

[Get Gel Anywhere] LED Gel Nail Flash Light

It looks like a flashlight. When you open the cap, there is a transparent gel tip with blue light. What is this, really?

[隨身Gel甲] Gel甲用LED照燈小電筒


[Japanese Gadget] Thoughtful Nail Buffing Paper

You can always find some thoughtfulness and creativity‘s in Japanese products, like this nail buffing paper…

[日本美甲小法寶] 神奇磨甲拋光紙


[Make it Shiny!] Revlon 家用電動亮甲機


[Truly Free of Toxins] Petit Nail Polish

Founded in 2016 from Taiwan with keeping safety for grown-ups and the little ones in mind, PETIT launched a line of revolutionary nail products that were truly free of toxins and odors.

Quick N’ Funky Manicure Sets – Dashing Diva Magic Press Nail Sticker

This is not just another stick-on nails. It is especially made for those who live on the fast lane. This brand has recently launch one of the hottest thing in Europe and the U.S. – the trapezoid tip and pointy tip manicure sets.

[懶人恩物3.0] Dashing Diva Magic Press 美甲貼

Dashing Diva Magic Press 推出了最近兩款歐美大熱甲型——梯型及尖型,差不多所有歐美明星都係呢種甲型,而且多款式選擇,有可愛、簡約、海洋風等,甚至連假腳甲貼都有!