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15 minutes to keep your feet skin soft! OPI Callus Therapy and Double Coverage

OPI by FEET (Medium)


Sometimes pretty nail lacquer is just not enough!  Imagine if your feet are dry and scaly, no matter what trendy colors you put on the toenails or what fashionable sandals you wear, it simply doesn’t feel right.  So do take care of your feet, particularly in the summer when they are most exposed.

This summer OPI has launched a perfect product for the busy bees.  If you have already fully scheduled for facial, hair styling, and massage, leaving little time for a pedicure, why not try Feet by OPI Callus Therapy and Double coverage.

OPI Callus Therapy and Double Coverage is easy to use.  Simply put OPI Callus Therapy all over the feet.  Wait for 15 minutes. Then lightly file off the dead skin. Finish by moisturizing the skin using OPI Double Coverage.

Tips: it is best to do it before bedtime and wear a pair of socks immediately after applying OPI Double Coverage.  Your skin will feel as soft as baby’s the next morning.


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