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Free Silver Carrying Case! The new OPI “Nail Essentials Kit” LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Nail Essentials Kit - OPI LED Gel ColorLaunching at the same time with the Bohemian Collection, this Nail Essentials Kit give you choices of some sparkling colors for the holiday seasons.  OPI selected 6 colors out of the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection for the Gel Collection.


If you’re also interested in making your own Gel nails, these 6 colors are some good picks of the dark tones, shimmer and sparkle for a kick-start. The collection comes in a rectangular silver carrying case.


My Favorite Ornament HLE44 – My Favorite Ornament
In My Santa Suit HLE45 – In My Santa Suit
Visions of Love HLE46 – Visions of Love
Warm Me Up HLE47 – Warm Me Up
Wonderous Star HLE48 – Wonderous Star
All Sparkly and Gold HLE49 – All Sparkly and gold


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