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NAIL n THINGS – Elegant and Fashionable Hong Kong-made Nail Stickers

Some of the nail stickers on the market can be a bit avant-garde and exaggerated, while office workers and OLs prefer elegant and fashionable designs. Two college classmates saw this gap in the market and invested six figures to start Nail n Things, designing and producing eco-friendly and user-friendly nail stickers that are more suitable for the taste and daily needs of Hong Kong and Asian people, making it easy for beginners to beautify their nails on their own.

This time, two new Gel nail stickers are introduced: “Floral Spread” in peach pink with a light texture, creating a flowery and elegant temperament, and “Wisteria” in purple and white, which is equally elegant and fashionable. If you love Gel nail stickers and want to support Hong Kong brands, you should definitely give these a try!


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