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Axxium Soak Off Gel 的推出,各界反應熱烈。我們Rainbow Nails,身為OPI產品專用店當然亦第一時間推出應用。很高興推出後很快便得到 The List Magazine 的垂青到來采訪。以下是雜誌代表采訪後,及試用 Axxium Soak Off Gel 服務後刊登在11月16-30號,106期的稿件,以供參考。在此再次感謝 The List Magazine 對我們服務的推崇和讚賞!

Rainbow Nails at The List

“We were impressed by the professional and efficient service. All the skin was tidied up around our nails with a super buffing machine and gel was applied by expert hands…”The List Magazine


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