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How to do DIY Gel Nail at home?

It gets quite dreadful that the nail salons are closed when you really needed a manicure. You can learn to handle it yourself, you know? By just getting the right tools, you can work like a proal in no time! Or at least a simple one…

Here are a few things you need:
LED light, nail file, cushion file, gel base, gel top andsome wet wipes, etc. There are tons on the market for just a few hundred bucks. If you do not enjoy gelling, you can absolutely use stick-on gel polish. They run between $70 to $120 for a set. You can easily find plenty of them on the internet.

‘Devil SoakOff Gel’ at-home nail kit available at Rainbow Nails.
Price: $499, includes:
Light-weight UsB LED light, cushion file, shaping file, Devil LED Color (15ml), Devil Gel Base(15ml), Devil Gel Top (15ml)

How to apply:
1. Dip some nail cleanser with a cotton ball to clean the nail surface.
2. Apply gel base then dry with LED light for 30seconds.
3. Apply one coat of gel colour. Dry with LED light for 30 second. Repeat process for another coat of gel colour. Clean nail with nail cleanser.
4. Apply gel top and dry with LED light for 30 seconds.
5. Clean and shine with nail cleanser and you are done!

To acquire more skills in nail art, try to take a Zoom class in manicure. You can even watch it again as much you need. How good is that?.

Nail Class on Zoom byNail Group HK💅🏻

It is nothing but booredom during lockdown 😞, but it is also a good time to learn new skills!

The on-line mani class by NailGrouphk offers comprehensive knowledges of basic manicure techniques. 👏🏻 Students can also enjoy unlimited access for reviewing。🎥
📙 class descriptions
1️⃣ The steps and procedures of manicure
2️⃣ Traditional cuticle care
3️⃣ different nail shapes and shaping techniques
4️⃣DIY Soft gel application techniques
5️⃣Soft gel Repair and extension


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