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Manicure Machine vs Nail Files

There are quite a lot of different electronic nail clippers on the market. Do they really work as well as a professional manicurist?

Nail is formed by layers of interlocking cornified cell. To keep the nails looking healthy and shiny, a gentle filing of the nail surface is needed once every two weeks to one month.

Let us make a comparison between nail files and manicure machines.

  Nail Files Manicure Machine
  • Not Expensive
  • Can get around small areas with them
  • Relatively easy to take care of minor details
  • Better in hygiene
  • More accurate
  • Requiring less time
  • They are sharp while requiring more strength
  • Longer time to work with
  • Take up more room
  • Require maintenance
  • Only trained technicians can use them properly

Whether you use a nail file or a manicure machine for your nails, they are both good in some ways. If you have not tried the machines, it is quite worth it to try it out.


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