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Nail Polish can reflect the Global Economy?

In early 2000s, The cosmetic industry believed that the lipstick index is an indicator for recessive growth of economy. However, market opinion researchers recently found out that sales of nail polish has taken over and become the new economics thermometer.

Going back to the time during the Dot Com Bubble, lipstick sales were going up while luxury sales were going down. It was believed that Women were reserving money and make more purchases on less expensive items. Ever since, The lipstick indexed has been used to measure consumer confidence.

However, in recent studies through the 2008 Financial Crisis, analyst found out that The sales of nail polish have assumed the role of the economy crystal ball instead of lip care products. It was believed that women became frugal and skimmed visiting nail salons while putting their money inDIY nail polish products. This was reflected by a 12% increase in nail polish sales in that year.

Actually, nail salon can provide professional services in a greater comfort. Whether it is rise or fall of the economy, when the nails are professionally done, you look more professional. You definitely get more confidence in the commercial world.


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