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[神秘而不失優雅] OPI Starlight 系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

starlight gelcolor

OPI為了滿足粉絲們的願望,Starlight一套18枝都配有GELCOLOR。色系帶有神秘感覺外又不失優雅, ROSE GOLD (PRESS* FOR SILVER) 是女生首選的色系,你又會選那個色系跟你過秋冬呢?


HR G32 Love is in My Cards

HR G33 Ro-Man-ce on the Moon

HR G34 Guys & Galaxies

HR G35 I’m In the Moon for Love

HR G36 Cosmo with a Twist

HR G37 Give Me Space

HR G38 Centre of the You-niverse

HR G39 Super Star Status

HR G40 I Drive a SuperNova

HR G41 By the Light of the Moon

HR G42 Comet Closer

HR G43 Is this Star Taken?

HR G44 Infrared-y to Glow

HR G45 Let Your Love Shine

HR G46 Ce-less-tial is More

HR G47 Press *for Silver

HR G48 Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite

HR G49 No More Mr.Night Sky



OPI LED Gel Color Soak-Off Gel 可卸式凝膠指甲油顏色圖鑑


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