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Is “Fingernail Ring” your thing?

Beauty is a beloved ritual. Women constantly re-transform their looks from head to toe. Aside from facial, manicure is another routine. In fact, The nail market is filled with prolific ideas. Let us focus on nail piercing. A hole is being made on the nail and you can hang a dangling ring on it as if it is an earring. This idea came out in the US over 10 years ago. It felt quite tacky though, since hooking rings on your nails sort of disable the finger. That is why not many people are fond of it and thus not many nail ring styles available.

Nail rings may be trendy in the western world. However, the Hong Kong people are too conservative for this. It just does not work well. When it comes to the art of nails, What appears to be a treasure for one can be trash to another. Just like fashions, the right kind of clothes can only complement with the right kind of person. So, what about you? What is your idea of the right kind of nails for yourself?


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