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[Trace of Fungal Nail] Callusan-Unguisan Nail Tincture from Germany

Charcoal gray is a great color on fashion, but you do not want that on your nails, do you? I am talking about fungal nails.

There could be different causes of fungal nails. It may a nail injury when doing sports. Elderly who has weaker immune system are also prone to Fungal Nails.

Anti-fungus medicine may work, but it may draw unwanted side effects. There is a wonderful alternative though.

A topical cell regeneration gel can bee a wonderful alternative.  The Callusan-Unguisan Nail Tincture from Germany can effectively treat fungus and provide protection against them. It’s creative formula does not contain the medicinal ingredient : Clotrimazole.  The natural effective ingredients include  urea, Iceland moss extract and black currant extract.  They help to fight and provide total protection against fungus. The moisturizing formula also keep the nails soft.  The tincture is dermatologically tested suitable for diabetic users.

How to use:

          apply one to two drops on and The skin around the affected nails daily. Be careful do not contact the dropper tube. As the product is highly concentrated, do not use too often.


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