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Men’s Nail Art | 2024 Popular Men’s Gel Nail Styles (Part 1)

Men’s nail art is becoming increasingly popular, and many male celebrities have already developed a habit of getting manicures. They use nail designs to complement different looks and add a touch of style. We have compiled a list of 10 recommended men’s nail art styles from celebrities. These styles include solid colors as well as designs that incorporate fashion elements. Whether it’s gel nails or regular nail polish, these styles work for both. Now, let’s start by introducing 5 of them and see which one suits you best.

1. Men’s Nail Art Style: Casual Black Nails
Stray Kids member Hyunjin often applies black nail polish, and he even likes to paint only half of his nails, adding a casual and fashionable touch to his look! Kai looks even more enchanting and charming when he wears black nail polish!

2. Men’s Nail Art Style: Fun Design Nails
As a pioneer of men’s nail art, G Dragon started experimenting with manicures a long time ago. Recently, he shared a fun design for nails that incorporates vibrant colors and unique patterns, paired with different-colored accessories to enhance the fashion sense.

3. Men’s Nail Art Style: English Letter Nails
If you prefer a subtle yet innovative men’s nail art style, you can take inspiration from G Dragon’s English letter nails. Apply various rhinestones of English letters on black nail polish. If you don’t want them to be too eye-catching, you can also use white or light-colored nail polish for the rhinestones.

4. Men’s Nail Art Style: Colorful Jumping Nails
Harry Styles is also a representative of men’s nail art! This colorful jumping nail design is simple and lively. You can choose nail polish colors that suit your preferences.

5. Men’s Nail Art Style: Matte Nails
In addition to various glossy nail designs, men can also opt for a matte nail style like Shawn Mendes! Use a deep blue color as the base, and then embellish it with white and red accents. It’s not overly fancy but still very unique.

Men’s nail art is becoming part of fashion, and no matter which style you choose, you can showcase your unique style and taste. Try these celebrity-inspired men’s nail art styles to make your look even more perfect!


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