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Rainbow Nails in TimeOut Magazine

TimeOut Magazine Hong Kong

Rainbow Nails 被選為潮流雜誌 TimeOut Magazine 第34期 “Spa Test” 專欄的專訪對象!TimeOut Magazine 是現時時全港其中一本最受歡迎的潮流雜誌,內容主要為悠閒時尚,特別受優皮一族歡迎!

“… While the manicurist filed my nails into shape, she analysed my nail type and advised me how to protect them.”

“… This Gel (OPI Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer) acts like plastic wrap by protecting your nail from the polish, and makes your manicure glossier and more durable.”

“… Having had many manicures in my lifetime, this was one of the best. The session ended gracefully with deliciously fruity hand wash and quality cuticle cream.”

TimeOut Magazine Hong Kong


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