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[Nail Salon Reopen] Beautiful View to Feast Your Eyes

Nail Salon service has been resumed! What nail art should be made to celebrate a bit? Let’s try some shapes!

[美甲店重開] 美好的風景就在你眼前!

美甲店重新投入服務了! 畫一個怎樣的甲來慶祝一下好? 就試試幾何圖形!

Yummy Yummy Sushi Nail-art

We all know people are not supposed to dine out during the pendemic. But if you suddenly got a sushi crave, the gurus have worked out some beautiful 3-D sashimi nail arts. Look!

[開運美甲系列] 2022年幸運色:黃色


How to do DIY Gel Nail at home?

It gets quite dreadful that the nail salons are closed when you really needed a manicure. You can learn to handle it yourself, you know? By just getting the right tools, you can work like a proal in no time! Or at least a simple one…

[開運GEL甲] 2022 新年開運 (三) – 開運甲點止紅色?

上次介紹過6款開運 Gel 甲大受各位歡迎,今次 encore 再介紹四款,讓大家繼續開運!

[開運Gel甲] 2022 新年開運「紅色美甲」6大新趨勢! (一)

新年想開運除了可以換新衫、換新髮型外,別忘了為美甲款式增添喜氣!象徵福氣與財運的紅色系美甲是每年過年前最受歡迎的指定款,但今年2022年紅色系 Gel甲美甲款式到底該怎麼挑選?流行重點又是甚麼?6大耐看新趨勢我們先看3個!

想吃壽司? 先做一個壽司 Nail Art 望梅止渴吧!

疫情下想吃一餐豐富的壽司也不容易,何不來一客壽司美甲讓自己隨時可以望梅止渴? 外地就有人想各種美味刺身在指甲上 […]

[2022 Nail Art Color Trend] Pantone’s Color of the Year – Very Peri!

What is the new trend of nail color in the new year? It is Very Peri! The 2022 Pantone Color of the Year “Very Peri” is a brand new color, which is mixed with fuchsia on the basis of blue, calm and at the same time vibrant, seemingly lively and healing at the same time!

[2022美甲流行色彩] Pantone年度代表色 — 長春花藍!

新一年美甲色彩有甚麼新趨勢? 就是長春花藍色! 2022年的Pantone年度代表色「長春花藍」是一款全新色調,在藍色的基礎上混合了紫紅色,沉穩同時帶有活力,看似活潑同時能療癒人心!