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3 things you do to Gel Nails that will make you Regret

Soak off gel has always been a favorite because of its super shine and durability. Customers practically rush into nail salons before the long holidays for them.

However, caring is very important since the real nails are becoming thin and brittle after you have them done. Here are the three things you should not do advised by our nail technicians.

1. Ignore Cleaning
Although the nails are covered by a layer of hardened gel, they are still growing underneath. The experts advise to soak the nails for five minutes before cleaning. Then use an ingrown nail stick to gently scrape away the dirt inside the grooves. Do this at least once a week.

2. Remove the gel nails by yourself
It may seem to have saved time and money when you peel the gel nails off by yourself. Little that you know that this has created crisis to your nails. Since this can seriously damage the carotene layer of the nails, The nail plates Will become brittle and will split easily. The best thing to do is to head off to the nail salon after 2 to 3 weeks to get them gently removed.

3. Trimming The gel nails by yourself
Nail technicians will usually apply a layer of sealant to the top of the gel nails to prevent chipping, lifting and tearing. You can imagine once you use the scissors to cut off the top edge, The seal will be gone and the nails cannot last long. I can sugggest that you use a manicure file to slowly file away the excessive gel. That will work much better!


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