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Common Nail Diseases – Fungal Nail and Whitlow

Your nails may be pretty but are they healthy? Here, we take a look at two common nail infections.

Fungal nail: When infected, the nail plate becomes thickened and yellow in color or opaque. Fungus thrives in a humid environment. Once the fungus get into the nail, the infection must be treated. Read on…

Whitlow: Whitlow is an infection of the skin around the finger nail or toenail. It is very likely to happen to people who always keep their nails wet, handle chemical agents with bare hands, or get gel nail manicures very often. Detergent is a kind of chemical. A cleaning lady who never wear gloves when washing dishes on the job ended up with all her 10 fingertips in pain and swelling. (Do we really need these two sentences?)

During a manicure, if the cuticle is improperly removed before applying any nail products, the seal of the skin fold can break and become infected. Some people have a misconception that soaking fingertips in vinegar or alcohol is helpful, but they may in fact encounter more problems. Therefore, it is advisable to wear rubber gloves when handling any chemicals, dry hands thoroughly and moisturize, and always visit an experienced manicurist for a gel nail manicure or pedicure.


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