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[Easy and Erie] HALLOWEEN NAIL ART classroom

Halloween is creeping up fast. Are you planning to put on fancy costume and ghostly make-up? Any idea for your nails? Whether you want to be the bomb shell or you rather not be in the spotlight, here are some suggestion on nail design that can quickly add some spookiness on your fingertips.

halloween 2016

The combination of black and pumpkin sure is the all time favorite for Halloween. Consider to accentuate with polka dots or lines which can make your nails look really cute.
If you want to find a simple cartoon character, ‘Jack” from Disney is a good option. Just paint two circles on white background, don’t forget to add some simple lines to represent the mouth. Another way is, on any background color, simply use round tip to apply some big white spots and finish with small dots as eyes and there you go. Have fun!

halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!


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