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How to keep Nail Lacquer from drying out?

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How to keep your nail polish working at its best?

Are your nail polishes becoming old after only using them 3 to 4 times?  Let us discuss how to keep nail polish from drying out.


1. When apply nail polish, avoid opening the bottle for too long.  Keep the exposure to air to a minimum 

2. Complete the application of all the fingers of  one hand before starting the other one.

3. Gently shake the bottle after application of each coat to avoid thickening of the nail polish.

4. When the nail polish is starting to thicken up, put 7 to 10 drops of nail polish thinner for every 15ml bottle of nail polish.  Let it sit overnight for best result.  Keep in mind though, over-diluting may ruin the nail polish. 

5. Check to make sure the bottles are properly and tightly closed.  Store them in a dark place.


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