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[Nail Demo] Styles for Short Nails

Nail art can work well for short nails just as what it does to long ones, as long as you stick with a few rules.

1. Go Simple
Short means less space. Therefore, using simple designs or applying only single shade is good enough to achieve a chic finish. Moreover, less space means less hassle to take care of, especially when it comes to cleaning the grooves and corners.

2. Creative Designs
Short styles can be just as creative. Trim your nails into either a nice round or square shape. They already look cute enough. To make it more interesting, you can accentuate with a little piece of flower or a star.

3. French Nails
You can also find a nice short French nail style to achieve a clean look.. Apply some short nail friendly shades will add life to your nails.

Whether you have long nails or short ones, there are lots of options to make your own nails unique and stylish.


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