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[Summer Gel Nail] 2023 Nail Art Trend: Simple and Minimalistic

Summer is here! What gel nail styles are popular for 2023? Recently, minimalistic nail art styles have been trending, with simple and easy-to-match designs that more girls can handle. In recent years, designers have liked to add some subtle elements to minimalistic nail art designs, such as gradient colors and cat’s eye stones, to add depth and texture to the nails. This time, I will introduce a few styles:

[Soft Pink with Good Complexion] For those who want to pursue a natural nail art style, this gentle pink color is a good choice.

[Gradient Sand x Solid Color] Gradient sand is a recent popular style, and this single-color gradient is also very nice.

[White Rice Minimalistic Style] The minimalist style of white rice color is perfect for girls who like simple and unbranded styles.

[Blue Tone Contrast Color] The blue style of nail art gives a refreshing feeling, which is perfect for the hot summer. Using different shades of blue can create more depth and texture.

[Pink-Green x White Fresh and Simple Contrast Color] For those who want a simple but not too ordinary nail art style, you can choose a two-color combination. Just like this white and pink-green combination, it is a great choice.


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