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Tender and Sweet | Matcha Milk Nail Art

Many Asian girls tend to avoid matcha-colored nail art because they fear it will make their hands look dark or yellow. However, matcha enthusiasts can choose a refreshing matcha milk color that combines soft matcha green with creamy white. This will make you look more tender and sweet! Additionally, you can add some trendy variations such as gradient or ombre techniques to create a translucent effect that complements your skin tone and adds a cute touch!

1. Blended Matcha Green

Like a beautiful painting, this nail art creates a comfortable atmosphere. By using shades of matcha green and blending them with creamy white, while incorporating luxurious metallic elements, it adds a touch of glamour to the overall look. @noanailtip

2. Transparent 3D Gel

Using popular 3D gel mini daisies combined with a delicate matcha milk color, this nail art exudes a lovely vibe. Enhance its sophistication with simple gold decorations. Fair-skinned ladies should definitely give this style a try! @nail_yuuuu

3. 3D Water Drops

With gradient green lines and 3D light green water drops, this design gives a refreshing sensation just by looking at it. The proper use of negative space ensures that this shade of green suits various skin tones, making them appear fairer. @ceel_nailed_it

4. Blush Gradient

Blush gradient nail art is not limited to pink or orange shades. Surprisingly, a delicate matcha milk color can also create a lively and cute blush gradient style. @nuninail

5. Matte Finish + Orange Pear

If you’re concerned about an overly eye-catching look, consider a matte finish for your nails. It instantly enhances the texture and pairs well with bright orange fruit accents on a few fingers, adding a fun and vibrant touch to the overall color scheme. @ttl.nails


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