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What do abnormal nails try to tell you about your health?

Beside nail infection, abnormal and unhealthy looking nails may mean serous underlying diseases in the body.



Nail clubbing is a disorder of the fingernails or toenails being red and swollen.  The finger may have the shape of a drumstick.  It may be a sign of chronic diseases such as liver cancer and hepatitis, tuberculosis and lung cancer, heart disease and heart valve problem, etc. It is believed by the medical fields that clubbed nails may be caused by lack of oxygen in the body which results in  overgrowth of capillary blood vessels.


Loose nails and pitting nails

When the nail is pulling away from the nail bed, or when there are pitting and dents on the nails,  it may either be the sign for fungal nail infection or a disorder in the immune system such as,

  • Lupus erythematosus
    • A condition which the immune system attacks the body
  • Psoriasis
    • A condition that costs Rhett, flaky and patches of skin covered by silvery scales.

whenever nail disorder has occurred, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor for Diagnose and early detection of serous health problems.


Black strips running down the nail

People with dark skin may have black lines on their nails.  Usually it is a sign of excessive production of melanin pigment under the skin.  This does not require any alarming action.  However, if the lines are darkening and thickening in width, it could well be a sign of Subungual Melanoma which is a form of skin cancer that affects the nail bed.  It is important to consult a doctor when this happens.


Slow growth of nails

It normally takes about 6 to 12 months for nails to grow out in full length.  It takes even longer for the elderlies and people with long term diseases.  Slow growth of nails usually is  a sign of lower metabolism rate.  It often does not necessarily mean any distressful health defect.  However, if there is any suspicion of serious illness, a trip to the doctor is much advisable


Loose nails and pitting nails

Black stripsrunning down the nail

Subungual Melanoma


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