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[Idyllic Sceneries] OPI Fiji Collection Nail Lacquer

In this new 2017 nail polish collection,  OPI continues to  deliver the same beautiful soft and pastel Fiji shades as they did last year.   And even better, OPI also added some shimmering and vibrant selections that reflect the idyllic sceneries of spring time in the Heavenly islands.

「Two-Timing The Zones」

This soft and refreshing shade of lavender sure will be highly sought after in this spring/summer season.


NLF80 Two-Timing The Zones

NLF81 Living On The Bula-Vard!

NLF82 Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

NLF83 Polly Want A Lacquer?

NLF84 Do You Sea What I Sea

NLF85 Is That A Apear In Your Pocket?

NLF86 I Can Never Hut Up

NLF87 Super Trop-I-Cal-I-Fiji-Istic

NLF88 Suzi Without A Paddle

NLF89 Coconuts Over OPI

NLF90 No Tan Lines

NLF91 Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet


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