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[Makes in Shiny] Revlon DIY Electric Nail Buffer

Many people has developed a habit of doing their nails at home these days. We have a great product to tell you about: the Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer.  For those who always wear nail polish, there are times they want to take a break.  Buffing is the ideal way for the nails to look clean and healthy without clear polish on, during recuperation period.

The package comes with four sending rings of two different grits – green ones and white ones.

First, use A green sanding ring to smooth out the nail surface. Brush away the nail dust. Put on the white sending ring on the block and buff the nail up to a glass-like shine.

*Keep in mind to wrap the white ring back in the original plastic band.  This can keep it last longer.

*You can use the buffer once every 4 to 5 days. Over buffing can weaken the nails though!


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