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[Nail Care at Home] Dr Wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa

Life can be so caught up sometimes that it is not possible to moisturize the hands every time after you wash them, let alone making a trip to the nail salon.

When dryness appears, you may want to slow down and give your fingernails a spa treatment.  And you can do this at home with Dr Wonder.  Simply pour in hot water (approximately  80°- 90°C) in to the container. Wait till the label turns to pink. Then, one by one, dip your fingertips into the container. Pull them out and let dry for 15 minutes. Peel the wax off and that is it!

It is recommended to use this product once or twice a week.  The fingertips will feel soft and look well nourished. For best results, do a manicure first. The appearance of healthy fingertips will last much longer!




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