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Nail Trend at a Glance – Evolving off nail style throughout the recent decades

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I recently watched a video on one hundred years of nail style.  The trendy ladies have been changing. The look of their nails in shapes and in shades.  Here let us discuss about the evolving off nail style throughout the recent decades. 

In the early 90s’, ladies liked to keep their nails well-trimmed.  A simple nail polish shade was already very pretty.  It wasn’t until the mid-90’s that nails are becoming long and pointy, giving the fingers a much slender look.  They could be quite cool with a stark hue polish. 

When disco hit, nails also adopted bold and adventurous color, sometimes even accompanied by shiny beads.  Squared nail was favored by those Who wanted to make a statement of the rock and roll culture.  During the arrival off the new Millennium, it came the age of simplicity.   

The very elegant French nail was The way to go.  In the recent years, long and pointed nails are making a comeback.  They match up nicely with skin tone shades, nude shades and neutral ones. 

Nail fashion has been making statements just as clothings has.  Which look flatters you?


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