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OPI Mariah Carey Collection – with the New Formulated Liquid Sand Finish

You may not be a fan of Mariah Carey, but if you’re a fan of nail lacquer, this is a collection you cannot miss!

A set of 8 colors of beautiful; bold; eye-catching polishes – four with traditional glossy finish; while another four of them are textured with liquid sand finish.

NLM41 Butterfly Moment Nude pink, a little bit shimmer
NLM42 Sprung Shimmery copper
NLM43 Pink Yet Lavender Clear base w/ pink & lavender sparkles
NLM44 Anti-Bleak Dark creamy purple
NLM45 Stay the Night Matte black w/ red sparkles
NLM46 Get Your Number Matte blue w/multi-color sparkles
NLM47 Can’t Let Go Matte purple w/ multi-color sparkles
NLM48 The Impossible Matte red w/ multi-dimensional sparkles

The new formulated liquid sand finish is really unique, it feels gritty but shiny.  As its name says, they really look like sparking sand on the beach.  Like previous matte collections they are easy to apply, and surprisingly easier to remove than it looks.

It’s a collection fun to play with why not bring the mini set home as a party accessories!

Reminder:  base/top coat are not needed for NLM45-48.

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