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Nail Art for a Prosperous 2024 Year of the Dragon, for Gentlemen and Ladies

Embrace the new energy of the Year of the Dragon and bring a fresh look to your fingertips before the Lunar New Year. 2024 welcomes the auspicious and extraordinary “Year of the Dragon,” which holds special significance in Asian culture. An essential element for your nails during this time is the “dragon” motif. Whether you’re a man or a woman, these dragon-themed nail designs will surely become the highlight of your Lunar New Year gatherings. Make an appointment with us before the new year!

1. Matte Lunar Dragon
The festive deep red color combined with this year’s “Year of the Dragon” design creates a vibrant Lunar New Year atmosphere. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication.
Source: ig@liebenbirne

2. Floral Lunar Dragon
Using shades of orange and red, this design exudes youthfulness and elegance without being too traditional. With the addition of the dragon and floral motifs, it becomes a joyous and auspicious nail art style perfect for the Lunar New Year.
Source: ig@kimalle_nail

3. Japanese-inspired Golden Dragon
Featuring a vibrant glittery base color, this design incorporates a dragon motif, Lunar New Year floral patterns, and delicate gold borders inspired by Japanese kimono flowers. It is especially suitable for fans planning to visit Japan during the Lunar New Year.
Source: ig@nailsalon_rin

4. Sweety Pink Dragon
Who would have thought that the Year of the Dragon could also be portrayed in a cute and sweet style? With a predominantly pink color scheme and the addition of Lunar New Year floral elements, this design is perfect for those who prefer a sweeter touch in their Dragon Year celebration.
Source: ig@natsuko_kawase

5. Prosperous Golden Dragon
Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity, indicating a bountiful harvest and good fortune. This design features an entire dragon outlined in gold, radiating an air of luxury and abundance for the Lunar New Year.
Source: ig@rei_mo0

6. Dragon Ball Shenron
When it comes to the Year of the Dragon, Dragon Ball is the first thing that comes to mind for anime fans. This design pays tribute to the Dragon Ball series, featuring Shenron the dragon and the seven Dragon Balls. It is believed to bring good luck for the entire year. Even men can showcase their power by having Shenron on their hands.
Source: ig@lucasnail1

7. Metallic Dragon Power
Using metallic gold to outline a powerful dragon, combined with a black metallic base color, this design exudes a mature and bold style suitable for both men and women, showcasing a commanding presence.
Source: ig@megumiyamamoto_nailmarna


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