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OPI x Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer

Hello Kitty

Apart from the OPI crossover series of Minnie Mouse and Peanuts/Snoopy. The new collection of the famous character Hello Kitty is coming up for this fall winter 2015. The series of 12 different bottles* of pinky/delicate colors and they have adorable kitty wraps on the bottles, many of them will come to you at once.

*GELCOLOR set is coming up soon.
NLH80 Kitty White
NLH81 Charmmy& Sugar
NLH 82 Let’s be Friends!
NLH83 Look at my Bow!
NLH84 Small+Cute=♥
NLH85 Spoken from the Heart
NLH86 Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel
NLH87 Super Cute in Pink
NLH88 My Twin Mimmy
NLH89 5 Apples Tall
NLH90 My Pal Joey
NLH91 Never have too Mani Friends!


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