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The Stunning Autumn Shades of OPI Iceland 2017 Fall/Winter Collection Nail Lacquer


Autumn is slowly returning to us and it is time for some new seasonal colors.  OPI Iceland 2017 FW Collection is full of stunning new earth tone and earthy light shades. Especially for the light ones, a mat top finish will make your nails look like cute little pom-poms.  

NL I53 – Icelanded a Bottle of OPI

NL I54 – That’s What Friends Are Thor

NL I55 – Krona-logical Order

NL I56 – Suzi & the Arctic Fox

NL I57 – Turn On the Northern Lights!

NL I58 – This Isn’t Greenland

NL I59 – Less is Norse

NL I60 – Check Out the Old Geysirs

NL I61 – I’llHave a Gin & Tectonic

NL I62 – One Heckla of a Color!

NL I63 – Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots

NL I64 – Aurora Berry-alis


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