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Rainbow Nails 簡介 “New Nail Trends and Techniques” @ HK Magazine


在最近一期8月28日HK MAGAZINE中,刊登了一篇關於時下幾款最流行的人造甲的分別,包括簡易介紹好處和壞處;讓讀者可以先了解不同產品特性,再根據個人需要作選擇。

我們Rainbow Nails很榮幸,受HK MAGAZINE的邀請為相關報導提出專業意見及資料。在此,感謝HK MAGAZINE對我們的信賴和支持。


HK Magazine (AUG., 28) recently published a lengthy article covering the pros and cons of the hottest artificial nails products available in the market. The article is very informative for consumers as it identifies the different products available and helps the consumer in making the most suitable choice.  We are very honoured that HK Magazine invited Rainbow Nails to provide professional information and opinions in their research for this article. We are very appreciative of the support and trust placed in us by both HK Magazine and our customers.


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