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[春回大地] OPI Fiji 2017春夏斐濟系列指甲油

爆竹一聲除舊歲,OPI 率先推出 2017 春夏系列 – 斐濟 FIJI,繼續延續上年粉嫩系色彩外,今年還加入了奪目的鮮艷色系,兩者形成對比仍能流露出春天風采,其中「Two-Timing The Zones」粉中帶紫,感覺清新,是今年春夏的大熱顏色。

Coming Soon: OPI Fuji Collection 2017 Spring/Summer Nail Lacquer

Spring is back and it is time to change your wardrobe. OPI’s Fiji Collections nail lacquer is bringing for you a series of soft, tropical and shimmering shades. In this season, brighten your nails with these gorgeous color of the sunny imageries in the South Pacific paradise.

OPI 2017春夏 FIJI Collection 斐濟系列預告篇

來賣個小關子,OPI已為大家準備好2017春夏新色了! 今年春夏會以斐濟 Fiji 為主題,想起斐濟島陽光海灘 […]

OPI New Orleans 2016 Spring Collection Introduction Video

OPI New Orleans Spring Summer 2016 Collection includes a diversity of colours from shades of light pastel to a few bright colours which satisfy your preferences.

[Best for Spring] OPI New Orleans LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

The 12 bottles of pastel colorful shades are best suit for this spring. The stunning colours are inspired by the lively nature!

OPI New Orlean 2016 Spring Collection Nail Lacquer

The OPI New Orlean series consists of 12 different shades. Not only they are colorful, the whole collection makes you feel the romantic atmosphere of spring!

[Vibrant Colours] CND Shellac Art Vandal Collection Soak-off Gel

CND SHELLAC has launched a new colourful spring collection for this festival season – the Art Vandal Collection which is full of vibrant colours.

[Pop out & Glow] CND Shellac Garden Muse 2015 Spring Collection Soak-off Gel

The new Soak-off Gel is definitely the new favorite of all the pretty girls. Its candy colors are the hottest colors make your skin pop out and glow.

[細膩﹑自然] CND Shellac Flora & Fauna 2015 春季系列 Soak-off Gel

CND Shellac 2015 年春季 Flora & Fauna Collection Soak-off Gel, 溫柔而充滿生命力的一個系列,顏色靈感來自各式各樣的花草及動物,以淡淡的水彩色系來表現大自然的力量。顏色細膩﹑自然。

[Soft & Natural] CND Shellac Spring 2015 Flora & Fauna Collection Soak-off Gel

The soft and natural soak-off gel collection featuring blooming watercolor pastels and glistening landscapes that inspire this season’s approach to color and style.