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A Lockdown Activity for Kids: Nail Art

Lockdown may be the most sensible way to fight COVID-19, but boredom is the major feeling since many of us have been stuck at home for so long. Today I am giving my share to save the mommies from insanity, I have designed a few simple cartoon character nail art for the kids. This will be a perfect activity for family bonding.

I suppose every nail art lovers has got a white nail polish in their collections, so I made two designs with white characters.


  1. Start by brushing on a white half circle in the middle of the nail as the head.
  2. Use the tip of a toothpick to dip some black polish to draw a tiny half circular mouth.
  3. Clean off the excessive polish. Use the same tip to dip some black polish again. Dab on two dots as the eyes.
  4. Use the other tip of the toothpick to bring on some white polish and finish the tooth on the mouth.


  1. Forky looks like nothing else but a fork. Start by painting a square in the middle of the nail as the face.
  2. Put a few white triangles on the top of the square with a toothpick tip.
  3. Draw on two black spots of different sizes as the eyes with the clean toothpick tip.
  4. Get a new toothpick to draw a horizontal line with red polish.
  5. Use the other tip of the same toothpick to draw a circle with blue polish.

The point is not to get the drawings to look exactly like the original cartoons. It is rather important to have fun and communication between mother and daughter during this precious family time.


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